Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & Answers

Is there any monthly fees?
No, our systems connects to your existing wifi service enabling all communications and alerts to be transmitted securely.

When I order, how soon can I get one installed?
Depending on our work load, normally you can get one installed in just days. 

Is there a Fee for Installation ?
Currently, we have a promotion that offers you FREE Installation until the 31st January, 2023. After such installation ranges from $800-2000 TTD per install.

Are there any other charges?
Depending on the package you take you may incur additional charges e.g. You request additional sensors or equipment upon installation outside the package.

What is the warranty?
The warranty period varies on all or systems and is valid for manufacturer's defects only. Batteries are not covered under your warranty. However we stock nearly all parts or components for the systems we sell.

If it is wireless, how is it powered?
The main unit or control panel will power from your wall 110v outlet since the sensors are battery powered. Battery time may vary per component based on usage.

Can I pay when the technician comes to install?
Unfortunately no. All packages and payments must be confirmed and received in full before a technician is dispatched to a job.

What payments do you accept?
We offer many options of payments like Bank Deposits, Wipay, Linx & Credit Cards

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